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Secrets of Manuka Honey

"From their stomachs come out a drink of different colors, in which there is a healing for people."

Allah put in honey a cure for every ailment.

And man realized the benefits of honey since ancient times, so he paid attention to it and mentioned it in his books. Honey was also found engraved in the Pharaonic relics and in their graves.

The strangest thing was to find the corpse of a child immersed in a container filled with honey, and was preserved. This indicates the amazing qualities in honey and its secrets that preserved this body for more than 4,500 years without rotting.

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Manuka honey, in particular, has special medicinal and health properties that distinguishes it from other types of honey. It also contains in particular the substance "leptospirin". It is also very beneficial in eliminating bacteria and is an amazing anti-inflammatory.

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Our eczema cream contains high-quality New Zealand manuka honey and many distinct and effective elements and ingredients in treating skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and many others.

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